Spiral Dough Mixer 33 – IGF

It is the compact solution of kneading machines, nevertheless retaining all the excellent characteristics of this series of machines. It is the most suitable solution for pizzerias, confectioneries and small bakeries. These items have spiral-shaped agitators that remain stationary while the bowls revolve around them. Plus, this style of mixer will prepare dough much more quickly than its planetary counterpart.

kitchen, Fast Food, Restaurant, and Hotel equipment, Bakery, Pizzeria, Patisseries.


IGF 2200 Spiral Dough Mixer has many features and benefits such as:

  • The mixer has a fixed Head Spiral Mixer
  • It is noiseless due to its compact mechanics (60dB Max)
  • 2 power transformers: 1 on hook and 1 on bowl
  • Special grid that allow the addition of extra ingredients during mixing
  • Space saving design
  • 3 Protection systems, both active and passive, for complete operator safety during use, cleaning and maintenance
  • In accordance with Worldwide Health and Safety Regulations
  • The ideal spiral dough mixer solution for small-medium size pizzeria.


Technical Details

Specification of Spiral Mixer, IGF Fixed Head

Capacity33 lt50 lt
Flour Weight12 Kg22 Kg
Power240V 50Hz, Single Phase 10amp415V Three Phase 10amp
SpeedSingle SpeedDual Speed 1.7/2.5 Hp
Width43 cm53 cm
Depth72 cm85 cm
Height71 cm71 cm
Weight88 Kg106 Kg