Rack Type Dishwasher

Unit to be Electrolux Rack type dishwasher with Hot air blower. Unit to operate from right to left. Unit to feature Hot Air Blower to provide already dried items at the end of the washing cycle. Washing is carried out with water circulating at a temperature of 55-65°C. Rinsing is carried out with clean water coming from the water system, heated to a temperature of 80-90°C. Double skinned construction and counter balanced door with insulation.

kitchen, Fast Food, Restaurant, and Hotel equipment.


Electric Rack Type Dishwasher has many features and benefits such as:

  • Height adjustable stainless steel feet.
  • Service from the front and from the side.
  • Power wash zone removes soil with maximum water contact.
  • Automatic start/stop function to switch off the machine when not in use.
  • Built-in rinse water heater to increase the temperature of the final rinse water.
  • Simple control panel.
  • Low noise level <70dBA.
  • Available with Hot Air Blower for fast and efficient drying.
  • Final rinse to sanitize the items using 330 liter/hour of hot fresh water heated up inside the built-in boiler.



  • 2 of Connection plate – handling to WT90/RT10
  • of Connection bracket, to connect New Handling systems 90&180°

Technical Details

  • Only one cable for electrical connection.
  • Electrical and water connections centralised in one area.
  • Large inspection doors to easily access wash and rinse areas.
  • Easy to remove wash arms and double tank filter(flat and deep box).
  • Unit to feature smooth surfaces to facilitate cleaning.
  • Main internal components and external panels made in 304 AISI stainless steel.
  • Wash tank in 316 AISI acid proof stainless steel with rounded corners and sloping base to facilitate cleaning.
  • Automatic controlled dishwashing.

Specification of Green&Clean hood type Dishwasher

Supply voltage:400 V/3N ph/50 Hz
Total Watts:36 kW
Water supply (temp hot/cold):50 °C
N° of speeds:1
Capacity baskets – 1st/2nd speed:100/hr
Capacity dishes – 1st/2nd speed:1800/hr
Key Information:
Air emission:
533314 (NERT10ERB)500m³/h
533315 (NERT10ELB)500m³/h
1st wash temperature:55-65 °C
1st wash tank capacity:114 liters
1st wash pump power:1.5 kW
Rinsing temperature:80-90 °C
Rinsing boiler capacity:16 liters
Rinsing boiler power:16.5 kW
Height with door open:2050 mm
External dimensions, Height:1744 mm
External dimensions, Width:2150 mm
External dimensions, Depth:824 mm
Net Weight:315 Kg


The machine has these certifications: