Combination Cooking Oven

The only intelligent cooking system that senses, recognises, thinks ahead, learns from you and even communicates with you. RATIONAL helps you turn your ideas into reality.You cook with all 5 senses. Your new RATIONAL appliance does too. The SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses is the only cooking system in the world with 5 senses. Because it senses, recognises, thinks ahead, learns from you and even communicates with you. This new RATIONAL appliance is the result of 40 years of cooking research. It has been developed by chefs for chefs.

kitchen, Fast Food, Restaurant, and Hotel equipment.


Rational New SelfCookingCenter has many features and benefits such as:

  • Low rack height for maximum working safety (The topmost rack is 1.60 mhigh in all unit sizes.)
  • The door drip pan is drained constantly, even while the door is open. so that no puddles of water can form on the floor.
  • Integral sealing mechanism on floor units
  • U-profile rails ensure that grids and sheets cannot tilt when pulled out.
  • It has back-ventilated multi-glass door
  • Lengthwise loading means that 1/3 and 2/3 GN containers can be used and the containers are easy to load and unload.
  • Integral hand shower
  • It has MyDisplay which simply remove all the functions you don’t need from the user interface
  • RATIONAL automatically lists your ten most frequently prepared dishes and provides these at the press of a button.
  • Transfer photos of your food to the display and assign your own images to your dishes.
  • 6-point core temperature probe with positioning aid
  • ClimaPlus Control® that control and measuring centre automatically maintains the cooking cabinet climate you specify to the percent.
  • The always 100% hygienic fresh steam guarantees the best food quality and maximum steam saturation,
  • It has a USB port that allows you to easily document HACCP data or keep your software up to date with the latest results of RATIONAL cooking research.
  • Centrifugal grease trap
  • The heat is always optimally distributed thanks to the specific cooking cabinet geometry and the powerful,


Technical Details

  • 6-point core temperature probe with positioning aid.
  • USB port.
  • Dynamic air mixing.
  • ClimaPlus Control®.
  • Steam generator.
  • Image transmission.
  • Integral hand shower

Specification of Rational New SelfCookingCenter

UnitsModel 61Model 101
Electric and gas
Capacity6 x 1/1 GN10 x 1/1 GN
Number of meals per day30-80
Width847 mm847 mm
Depth771 mm771 mm
Height782 mm1042 mm
Water inletR 3/4 “R 3/4 “
Water outletDN 50DN 50
Water pressure150-600 kPa or 0.15-0.6 Mpa150-600 kPa or 0.15-0.6 Mpa
Weight112.5 kg132.5 kg
Connected load11 kW18.5 kW
Fuse3 x 16 A3 x 32 A
“Dry Heat” output10.3 kW18 kW
“Steam” output9 kW18 kW
Gas127 kg149.5 kg
Height including draft diverter1012 mm1272 mm
Fuse1 x 16 A1 x 16 A
“Dry Heat” output13 kW/14 kW22 kW/24 kW
“Steam” output12 kW/13 kW20 kW/22 kW


The machine has these certifications:

  • It has Energy Star Certification.
  • The Units also have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


The Units have 2 years Warranty.