Combi Master Plus

the CombiMaster® Plus is a tailor-made solution that will make meeting the daily challenges that you encounter in your kitchen mere child’s play. From excellent food quality and improved use of raw materials (not to mention low consumption) right through to the time saved, the CombiMaster® Plus sets new standards in terms of performance. It is durable, easy to operate, and offers enticing functions that ensure superior food quality every time: crunchy crackling, succulent roasts, intense aromas, attractive color, and retained vitamins and minerals.

kitchen, Fast Food, Restaurant, and Hotel equipment.


Rational CombiMaster® Plus has many features and benefits such as:

  • The CombiMaster® Plus replaces up to 50% of all conventional cooking appliances.
  • The output of the CombiMaster® Plus allows load sizes to be increased by up to 30% compared to the previous model
  • ClimaPlus® regulates the product-specific climate in the cooking cabinet.
  • The machine is extremely simple to use.
  • It produces pure hygienic fresh steam thanks to new steam generator.
  • The new active cooking cabinet dehumidification quickly and reliably takes effect, whatever the circumstances.
  • It has new patented dynamic air mixing
  • It has 5 air speeds
  • The simple informative symbols are clearly arranged and the rotary knob makes it easier to make accurate settings.
  • There are up to 100 program slots, each capable of holding 6 steps for automating individual cooking sequences.
  • Hygienic cleanliness at the push of a button
  • Working with RATIONAL means using less resources and getting more performance.
  • Low rack height for maximum working safety
  • Back-ventilated double glass door with heat-reflecting coating
  • Integral door drip pan


Technical Details

  • ClimaPlus® – The measuring and control center automatically maintain the cooking cabinet climate that you set
  • USB port.
  • Steam generator
  • New flow technology.
  • Centrifugal grease trap.
  • Up to 28% smaller footprint
  • High-performance heat exchanger on gas units.

Specification of Rational CombiMaster® Plus

UnitsModel 61Model 101
Electric and gas
Capacity6 x 1/1 GN10 x 1/1 GN
Number of meals per day30-80
Width847 mm847 mm
Depth771 mm771 mm
Height782 mm1042 mm
Water supplyNPS 3/4”NPS 3/4”
Water drain50 mm50 mm
Water pressure21.75 – 87 psi (1.5 – 6 bar)21.75 – 87 psi (1.5 – 6 bar)
Weight105.5 kg125.5 kg
Connected load11.1 kW19 kW
Fuse35 A / 40 A60 A / 75 A
Main connection3 AC 208 V / 3 AC 240 V3 AC 208 V / 3 AC 240 V
“Dry Heat” output10.6 kW18 kW
“Steam” output9 kW18 kW
Gas121 kg315.5 kg
Electrical rating0.4 kW0.5 kW
Fuse1 x 15 A1 x 15 A
“Dry Heat” output13 kW22 kW
“Steam” output12 kW20 kW


The machine has these certifications:

  • It has Energy Star Certification.
  • The Units also have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


  • The Units have 2 years warranty.
  • The steam generator has 5 years warranty.