How to Clean a Coffee Pot

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, so it only makes sense that restaurants, cafes, catering businesses, hotels, and other establishments want to serve it to their customers and guests. After multiple uses, however, minerals and oil from the coffee builds up and can leave a residue in the bottom of
We use words all day long, often carelessly and with little regards to their impact. Words can inspire and they can hypnotize us – they can also do the same for your restaurant staff. Restaurants can easily get stuck in patterns of performance based on the phrases they say on a habitual basis. In other

Restaurant Marketing Plan

As the number of restaurants competing for market share rises, you need to take your restaurant marketing plan to the next level. In this post, we’ll cover the biggest marketing trends in the restaurant industry and how they should factor into your 2018 restaurant marketing plan. 1) Social Media Ads The amount of restaurants using
Workplace injury and illness cost restaurant owners millions of dollars annually in compensation and productivity; kitchen safety should be a top priority for all restaurants. For hospitality workers, where hourly wages and casual employment contracts are the industry standard, a single missed day of work can not only cause undue financial stress, but can also