Product Sale

Our Company sell kitchen equipment, fast food, self-service, restaurant, coffee shop equipment, construction equipment, ice cream, coffee equipment, grill equipment, industrial refrigerators and refrigeration equipment and accessories.

After Sales Service

After-sales service is one of the constant concerns of owners of coffee shops, halls, restaurants and food and packaging. Our experts provide original spare parts and carry out periodic maintenance by our experts which are so professional at their jobs.

Design, Run, Supervision

Tehran Tajhiz has professional engineers and experienced a lot of pride in consulting, design, supply and commissioning of automation systems of all types of industrial kitchens, coffee shops, halls, restaurants, hotels as well.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment

Industrial kitchen equipment, catering equipment, fast-food equipment, coffee shop equipment, Fast-food equipment, kitchen equipment, restaurant equipment, laundry equipment, equipment, maintenance equipment, all kinds of trolls, a variety of shelving for food storage

Washing Equipment

The professional dishwasher is one of essential part of industrial kitchen equipment which can reduce considerable amount of your labour time and enegy. These also help you to save your money.

Coffee Shop Equipment

These facilities are suitable for preparing all kinds of coffee, desserts and ice creams. Coffee Shop has a great variety in the number and models of equipment with the best equipment which can help you to prepare the best ones for your customers.

Food Serving Equipment

All attempts to provide adequate food which customers like, will be exhibited when you are serving portions. If you select the right equipment and beautiful views of the foods served to put before the eyes of our customers, you will attract a huge audience.

Cooking Equipment

This equipment is used for cooking raw materials. Since new equipment for cooking, to cook quickly and easily give this equipment can be used in cooking a variety of traditional and modern cooking are some references.

Preparation Equipment

The shape and appearance of the cooked food depends directly on how to prepare raw materials. To maintain optimal appearance and color of raw materials use an appropriate preparation equipment.

Maintenance Equipment

One of most important elements of industrial kitchen equipment is the food preservation equipment. These facilities are able to keep workforce meals warm in the company.

Tehran Tajhiz vision

Provide products and after-sales service quality and superior value by relying on motivated and innovative managers and employees that improve the well-being of customers and consumers, national and regional, so that all our steady growth, the market leader in equipment industrial kitchens, trusted brands and a commitment to ethical values and social responsibility.

Customer Orientation

Customer satisfaction is a positive feeling that every person is created after using the product or service. This feeling of satisfaction and supplier performance comes from the contrast between customer expectations .

Expantion Of Agensies

Dealers across the country having one of the biggest requests from our customers over the life of the appliance Tehran And we have led our customers to develop specialized services to fulfill their demands

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KFC Fast-foods, the Mental Retardation Center, the bro brother industry group , Anbiya hospital, Emam-Zaman hospital, Social Security Hospital, Iranian Red Crescent Society, the shrine of Shah Abdul Azim restaurant, Alvand hotel , Aspynans hotel, hostel Abbasi Isfahan, Kowsar hotel, Zagros hotel, Sarim Hospital, South Pars Oil and Gas Company.